Integration of refugees and migrants into their host countries is a difficult task. Organization, design, and scientific and technical expertise are all necessary. In addition to the classic models of integration, where the immigrant is the main subject of the focus with the respective institutions trying to develop their skills and meet his needs, there are more holistic models where the natives have an active role in integration. of immigrants, while they themselves are “integrated” in the new conditions that prevail. It is the so-called two-way integration model.

The European-funded “DREAMM” program aims to do just that. To cultivate a sense of belonging to a community, to alleviate stereotypes, discrimination, xenophobia and racism, to enable newly arrived immigrants to access local services of an inclusive nature, applying the model of two-way integration.

For the purposes of recognition, dissemination and awareness raising, the project was presented to a consortium of partners under the training activity of the Erasmus + program entitled “BodyTabu”.

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