IASIS NGO is a registered member of: National Register of Private Sector of non-profit character of the Ministry of Labor, Special Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations of the General Directorate of Welfare (09110AEN21094032N-0798 / 09110AEN21094032N-07. At the same time, IASIS NGO, as a complete Center for Psychosocial Education & Training, is a certified educational center – KEDIVIM1 by the EOPPEP. (code 2100625), while it is also a body implementing the measure of community service (Government Gazette Tev.B’3647 / 2017). IASIS NGO is supervised by the Mental Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health. The organization has a competency management system certified by the Special Service of the Health and Social Solidarity Sector (1483 / 18-06-13). On an annual basis, IASIS NGO submits its expenses to Diavgeia and submits a detailed report to the Court of Auditors, the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Health.

Memorandums of Cooperation