Project: PINOLO Professional training of unemployed artists

Project Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079024

In the context of the PINOLO project, that targets the training and reintroduction into society of unemployed artists, partners gathered in the Liverpool on the 8th of June, England for the Final Meeting of the project. Hosts and coordinators of the project, SAFE, presented the final steps in wrapping up the project and started a discussion on how all partners can ensure its sustainability. SAFE also shared their inspiring and impactful mission and work that helps empower vulnerable people in the area!

The next day, the Final Transnational Multiplier Conference of the project took place where “PINOLO” finalized project and its outcomes were presented. In parallel, exploitation and sustainability possibilities along with discussions on future involvement of the stakeholders in this project or others took place. After the networking session, a festival followed including live concerts, music, and artistic performances with a lot of surprises!

Thank you SAFE regeneration for the hospitality!

Here is the project’s platform where you can log in and gain access to educational content and be introduced to a communication forum and other pages with relevant material:

Let’s grow, inspire, and celebrate the diverse talents within our community!

Thank you to all the partners involved in the project:

SAFE regeneration, United Kingdom (  

IASIS NGO, Greece (  


Center for Social Innovation, Cyprus (  

EVOLVE Global Solutions, United Kingdom (  

TG Conseil, France (  

Business Foundation for Education, Bulgaria (  

Fundacja Tale Euro Est, Poland (

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