Project Description

The Boarding House IASIS Ngo, a Facility for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, is functioning since 2018, in the framework of the progamme of Psychiatric Reform “Psychargos” of the Ministry of Health (Mental Health Department). This housing facility provides hospitality, support and to 15 individuals with psychological disorders and severe mental retardation.

The Boarding House aims at:
Improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries through the provision of treatment, care, psycho-social support and education
Participation of the residents in educational programs, as well as reinforcement to matters such as good behavior, personal hygiene, household chores which all aim at reinforcing each person’s individuality and self-efficiency
Teams of personal development, educational stories, music, dance, board games, as well as teams for developing emotional intelligence, so that the mental well-being of the beneficiaries is achieved, and their personal skills and abilities are empowered
Development and maintenance of the communication with the community
Promotion of mental health to the community by raising people’s awareness so that stigma is decreased, and developing a network of mental health services by organizing speeches, seminars and educating university students and volunteers.