Project Description

Since July 2016, IASIS has been participating in the operation of the Hostel for Hosting Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers in the Piraeus region, named Xenia Teens, with a capacity of 20 children.

More specifically, the specific objectives of the structure’s operation relate to:

Meeting the basic needs of unaccompanied minors (housing, nutrition, access to sanitation, clothing and personal care).

Providing primary health care, access to health and emergency services.

In cultivating a sense of security.

In facilitating legal issues and supporting access to rights in relation to staying in the country, possible family reunification etc.

In managing the cultural shock, familiarizing yourself with the new environment in terms of equity and respect for the difference.

Connecting to services and facilitating access to rights.

Psychosocial and psychological support through counseling

Individual empowerment so that the individual, depending on their age, is able to make the necessary decisions and chart the course for their future.

Access to sports, creative and leisure activities, with the aim of fostering personality and personal development, but also in neighborhood and city life through the creation of channels of communication and equal participation.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with UNHCR. for refugees, funded by the European Union.