Project Description

Fabric Republic is an innovative and integrated redundancy management system that focuses on today’s social needs, sustainability and sustainable development.

The Fabric Republic program is based on Directive 2008/98 / EC, of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on waste, which requires the transition to a European Recycling Society with a high level of resource efficiency. targets for the reuse and recycling of waste.


The process – What does an integrated clothing management system mean?
Excess clothing collection
Sorting (daily use in good condition – unsuitable for use – suitable for reuse)
Professional cleaning / disinfection
Categorization (Men / Women / Children / Infants – S / M / L / XL – Winter / Summer etc.)
Packaging / Storage
Distribution to utility vehicles with proprietary vehicles
Promotion in recycling
Reuse (design and production of upcycled creations)
Communication – Dissemination of results


Our goal

It is the optimization and modernization of the circular management of redundant clothing and our vision is the collective development of social and ecological consciousness for a Zero Waste reality.


The benefits of FABRIC REPUBLIC are significant and manifold:

Free clothing distribution to solidarity bodies
Offer clean clothing in very good condition with respect to man
Active contribution to the social economy of the garment
Employment of socially vulnerable people through the “Housing and reintegration” program
Raising public awareness through promotional and promotional activities
Congestion of the waste system
Reduce the burden on natural resources