Project Description


IASIS participates as a host and sending volunteer in Erasmus + Key Action 1 learning mobility programs.

Since 2013, IASIS has participated in the following youth exchanges and training programs:

  • C.S.R. (Estonia)
  • Emmigrees in the kitchen (Turkey)
  • One goal different generations (Poland)
  • Change your point of view (Turkey)
  • GPS (Slovakia)
  • Time to start (Poland)
  • Can’t find a job? Make one! (Croatia)
  • Youth in Art- Policies (Scotland)
  • Training Course on cultural diversity (Spain)
  • Voice of diversity (Turkey)
  • Multicultural Youth Exchange (Spain)
  • Youth in Art-Policies (Turkey)
  • Multicultural Youth Exchange Spain)
  • Get ready for the future (Belgium)
  • Improve Yourself! Youth exchange (Croatia)
  • Embedded Conflict management From a growing potential to a potential of
    growth (Belgium)
  • Social Inclusion of Drop out Problem (Turkey)
  • DARE: Discover Art, Reveal Expression (Romania)
  • Healthy Life Project (Lithuania)
  • Ride a Smile (Italy)
  • Terracotta Units! (Turkey)
  • Outdoor as a tool (Belgium)
  • Meet, Share, Follow (Turkey)
  • Integration? Art is the answer (Lithuania)
  • Stage the Act (Malta)
  • Conflict Management Tools to Promote Peace Education (CMTPP) (Spain)
  • Involvement into social entrepreneurship – ISE (English)
  • ICooperative Solutions-Seminar on Inclusion of Refugees/IDPs (England)
  • To many news-My own views (Ukraine)
  • RISC (Hungary)
  • Art and Integration (Turkey)
  • Lead Yourself to Leadership (Malta)
  • Communication as an Art (Malta)