Project Description

 Connect Your City is a network of Youth Centers that operates on a neighborhood level. Their operation is to provide free activities and actions for young people aged 16 to 30 are implemented.

 Connect Your City organizes programs and actions to contribute to the personal development of young people, by interacting with each other. Throughout time, Connect Your City offers every young person the opportunity to identify themselves, discover and showcase their skills through educational programs and creative activities, to mobilize, socialize, create, dream. The core weekly program of activities, small and large promotional and social outreach activities, are supported by volunteers and members of Connect Your City, promoting and enhancing teamwork, creativity, fair play and interculturalism.

 At Connect Your City, we strive to give motivation and space for creativity. Each action is designed and tailored to the needs of the people who follow it and relate to a variety of different actions and programs that cultivate the body, spirit, nature and culture. Each young person can develop, design, organize and implement their own ideas, while at the same time enjoying and participating in the ideas of others, further enhancing the idea of teamwork, collaboration, innovation and open dialogue. All actions that create, participate and implement members and volunteers reflect the values that govern Connect Your City. Through creative play and non-formal learning, the feeling of offering, responsibility, creativity, teamwork, flexibility, equality, tolerance and honesty is promoted.