Project Description

Since 2015, in the field of education and lifelong learning, IASIS has been certified by National Institute for Certifications as an official Center for Lifelong Learning and Education, thereby giving both its target populations and young scientists the opportunity to train in many disciplines in the humanities field and in other professional fields. The goals of IASIS Training Center are:

  • Creating a positive attitude towards learning and enhancing equal access to education• Strengthening the ability to adapt to the cognitive requirements of an ever-evolving socio-economic space for adult citizens.
  • Connection or reconnection with the adult education process, which for any reason did not complete the compulsory education.
  • Strengthen access to the labor market, as well as maintain job or career development.
  • Upgrading the educational, working and social conditions of vulnerable social groups in the population.
  • Developing active citizenship.
  • Possibility of training / training with flexibility in space and time.

In the field of research, IASIS has been actively involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of European Innovative Programs in recent years with the main aim of developing consulting and support tools for its beneficiaries and enhancing the professional skills of its staff. Below are descriptions of these programs: