Project Description

“EnvironMental Adaptation” is in line with the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change , in the framework of the Funding Program “NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & INNOVATIVE ACTIONS” “Innovative Actions with Citizens” Green Fund, entitled “EnvironMental Adaptation” in the context of Priority A.1 Climate Change on the Axis A.1.4 Promotion of actions adaptation of vulnerable social groups for a socially equitable adaptation to climate change.The amount of funding is 50.000 euros.

The program is part of the Green Fund, whose partnership consists of IASIS NGO, as project coordinator, the University of Western Macedonia and KINITRO NGO. The Climate Crisis has a significant impact on people’s mental health and quality of life. Thus, the project aims to support mental health providers, as well as people with mental disabilities themselves, to cope with emergencies arising from Climate Crisis.

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