Project Description

Youth Reaction

YOUTH in REmote areas becoming ACTive citizens and take actION

Project Number: EEA-557


The Youth Reaction program aims to educate young people to promote their active participation in society and to strengthen the regional youth policy strategy. The actions of the specific program concern the creation of an educational material through a tele-education platform, through capacity building activities and through the planning of promotion-diffusion actions. The Youth Reaction program seeks to strengthen active citizenship among young people aged 18-30 living in areas far from large urban centers and to train them in issues related to their participation in democratic processes. The program offers young people the opportunity to take advantage of the democratic processes for electing their representatives, participating in municipal councils, and producing proposals to improve local policies.


Target Groups:

Young people aged 18-30, residents of remote areas of the Greek Territory, who do not have easy and direct access to democratic processes and decision-makers


Indirect target group:

Municipalities and local communities, as the newly acquired know-how will be transferred as good practice to the respective areas


Project deliverables:

  • Creation of a practical youth engagement and decision-making guide, which includes practical tools and ideas so that they can design and undertake successful civic engagement initiatives themselves
  • Creation of an e-learning program
  • Creation of a local agenda with policy proposals, for local self-government and the organization of an open dialogue
  • Information campaign on the actions and results of the program



  • European Group for Territorial Cooperation (EOES) Euxine Town



  • Municipality of Naxos
  • Nea Propontidas
  • Zitsas
  • Serbian