Project Description


It’s a European project developed through a partnership of five different EU countries (France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Denmark).

The project targets adult and their children living in disadvantaged areas and facing problems due to their overexposure to screens. Excessive preoccupation with screens and related devices create physical and psychological disturbances in children’s development that affects their abilities. The project thus aims to create new adult educational tools to combat the harmful effects of screens in their daily lives and to enhance the digital transformation through the development of digital awareness, resilience, and ability.


The Partners:

  • Commune de St Denis (France)
  • Institut de Recherche et d’innovation (France)
  • Le LABA (France)
  • Momentum (Ireland)
  • Materhub (Italy)
  • European e-learning Institute (Denmark)


Target Groups:

  • Professionals involved in education, inclusion, health, adult education
  • Early childhood care and therefore parent


Project Results:

  • Study: Identification of innovative practices to support the fight against screen addiction
  • Methodological guide ‘surviving digital’
  • Training course “fight against digital”.
  • SURVIVING DIGITAL training toolkit: compendium of inclusive online teaching tools and online support groups on DISCORD/TWITCH