Project Description

Positive Start-Up, “Positive Coaching for Promoting the entrance of women victims of gender-based violence into the digital Start-up Business world”, (project code) is an Erasmus+ project to enhance the skills of professionals working with women victims of gender-based violence, in accordance with the principles of Positive Psychology.

The program aims to raise awareness, and train teachers, educators, counsellors, adult educators, psychologists, vocational guidance specialists, vocational training specialists, coaches and other professionals working in the field of counselling, as long as women-mentors, intending to offer educational tools for strengthening the entrepreneurship of the target population.

By using digital technologies, Positive Start-Up seeks to develop both communication, collaboration and leadership skills, critical thinking and professional ethics, as well as the cultivation of mental resilience, positive emotions and attitudes that can significantly help this underrepresented minority in the field of start-up business.