Project Description

The Erasmus+ Project “ARTIVATE” (Art Therapy Based Psychoeducation to support the participation of adults with Learning Disabilities in Adult Education) with Project Number 2020-1-FR01-KA204-080200 aims to promote the use of art-based psychosocial interventions to support the involvement of adults with learning disabilities in adult education. Professionals in the fields of Art Therapy, Adult Education, and Learning Disabilities collaborated to identify needs for adults with learning disabilities and basic needs. This project is built by a consortium of EU countries, involving the following organizations:

  • IRIPS (Institut Régional d’Insertion Professionnelle et Sociale), France (
  • INFODEF (Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training), Spain (
  • Mindshift, Lisbon (
  • IASIS NGO, Greece (
  • LBP (La Bien Pagá), Spain (
  • FASS, Poland ()
  • INQS (InnoQuality Systems), Ireland (


The main outputs of the project are:

  1. Matrix of competences based on EU standards defining on Art therapy-based Psychoeducation to support adult with learning disabilities
  2. Online educative toolfor Adult Education teachers and health care professionals
  3. Practical set with methods, exercises, and activities, which are used as innovative tools on Art Therapy based Psychoeducation in order to overcome Learning Disabilities of Adult learners using creative modalities.


For more information, you can visit the Project’s official Website on the following link: