Project Description

The Erasmus+ Project  “AMORAY” (Assessment of Mental Health of Refugees and Asylum seekers by Youth Workers) with Project Number 2019-1-UK01-KA205-061359, proposes a training and development program targeting mainly Youth Workers, aiming to recognize their role in the mental health provision to Young Migrants, Refugees and/or Asylum seekers.


This project is built by a consortium of EU countries, involving the following organisations:

  • METANOIA Institute, UK (
  • Refugee Council, UK (
  • IASIS NGO, Greece (
  • LA BIEN PAGA, Spain (
  • IRIPS, France (


The main outputs of the project are:

1: Based on a needs analysis at the beginning of the project, the partnership developed one Training Curriculum for mental health assessment of refugee and asylum seekers by Youth Workers.

2: One Training Combo, full of practical exercises and tools directed to Youth workers, on the field of “General Knowledge on Mental health”, “Mental Health prevention”, “Risk assessment & suicide”, “Trauma” and “Self-care”.

3: The AMORAY platform, which provides access to the training content, introduces a communication forum and a gateway to relevant psychoeducation material.


For more information, you can visit the Project’s official Website on the following link: