Project Description

Education for Labour Market Integration: Enabling Educators to Better Target Low- Qualified Adults -ELMI (2020-1-DE02-KA204-007664) is an Erasmus+ project with main objectives of the project to be:

  • the increase of the competences of educators
  • the development of the capacities of organisations educating adults facing multiple discrimination
  • the identification and analysis of examples of good practices and their transfer possibilities and collection in a widely available compendium
  • to enable educators to foster better integration of end beneficiaries into the wider society and the labour market
  • the establishment of an international network of adult education organisations working on future projects based on ELMI together and exchanging knowledge – fostering interethnical dialogue and the fight against discrimination

The main target group is: educators working with vulnerable adults.

End beneficiaries: vulnerable adults, primarily those facing multiple obstacles to employment / integration (low formal education, long-term unemployed, ethnical minorities etc.)