Project Description

The European Erasmus+ KA2 Project  “ASSESS PLUS” (Supporting skills audits in adult education through digital tools) with Project Number 2019-1-FR01-KA204-062263,  aims to support Skills Audits in adult education through innovative digital tools and products to make available skills identification and screening, including the validation of skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning, and facilitate the progress of low-skilled and disadvantaged adults towards higher qualifications.


To do so, seven European adult education providers, experts in skills assessment and validation and in digital solutions applied to training and employment from six countries, France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Bulgaria and Greece, will work together to co-create a set of innovative tools and digital solutions, including:

  • a European Framework of Competences in Skills Audits for Adult Education (IO1)
  • an ASSESS PLUS Virtual CAMPUS (IO2), that Includes the following Open Educational Resources: (i) an Online Instructional Guide on Digital Competencies for Virtual Learning; (ii) a set of structured Training Modules (iii) VET Open Online Courses (VOOC)
  • a Mobile Assessment App for Skills Audits (IO3)
  • a Guidelines to promote transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications through Skills Audits in Adult Education (IO4)


For more information you  can check the Website of the Project: