The CALM project (Creative practices for Adult educators who support Learners for a better mental wellbeing) with project number: 2020-1-EL01-KA227-ADU-094518 was created in the framework of the Erasmus+ KA2 projects. The main objective of CALM project is to assist Educators to recognize that creativity is an essential component in training, as well as

Environmental Adaptation


The project “EnvironMental Adaptation” was approved under the Financial Framework of the Funding Program “NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & INNOVATIVE ACTIONS” launched by the Green Fund and the Ministry of the Environment. The main objective of the project is the promotion of actions for the adaptation of socially vulnerable groups towards a fair adaptation to

Urban Youth Gardens


URBAN YOUTH GARDENS Project Number: 2021-2-EL02-KA220-YOU-000049255 . The program aims to reconnect young people with nature as let nature act as a healing power for the young people that we will be working with. Help the young people realize where their food comes from and what it takes for food to grow. This

Youth Reaction


Youth Reaction YOUTH in REmote areas becoming ACTive citizens and take actION Project Number: EEA-557 . The Youth Reaction program aims to educate young people to promote their active participation in society and to strengthen the regional youth policy strategy. The actions of the specific program concern the creation of an educational material

Finish Line


FINISH LINE Finish Line in Mental Health Disorder Stigma in Sports Project Number: 101050668 The specific project aspires to create a transnational semi-Marathon in each participating country that will raise public awareness regarding the stigmatization of people with mental health disorders in sports.Simultaneously, each participating organization will be responsible for holding a series

Research & Development .


Since 2015, in the field of research, education and lifelong learning, IASIS has been certified by National Institute for Certifications as an official Center for Lifelong Learning and Education, thereby giving both its target populations and young scientists the opportunity to train in many disciplines in the humanities field and in other professional

YouRoTrip – Youth Round Trip for Climate Action


The European Erasmus+ Project KA3 “YouRoTrip” (Youth Round Trip for Climate Action) with Project Number 614827, aims at fostering youth participation in democratic life and capacity building of youth workers to support youth engagement. Through the establishment of local youth councils and networking with local politicians, young people will be empowered to participate



The Erasmus+ Project “YOUWEEN” (YOUng Women grEen Entrepreneurs) with Project Number 2020-2-PL01-KA205-082849 emphasizes the importance of young women entrepreneurship, living in remote areas and also highlights the need of their education.  Therefore, they will be able to contribute to their family income and to get rid of the social and economic stereotypes that

Yes We Can


Yes We Can! Project Nr.: 2019-PL01-KA204-065197 . The European Erasmus+ KA2 Project “Yes We Can!” is an attempt to enable senior citizens with low ICT literacy to use the existing and new IT tools and support them in their life-long learning process. The main scientific approach, on which the Methodology of the project

We Men


Improving teaching methods in Emotional Intelligence and Gender Equality Training for adult educators through digital solutions -  We Men Project Nr.: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079258 . The Erasmus+ KA2 project "We Men" aims to strengthen the capacity of adult education to address gender inequality in Europe through digital solutions. . As the name suggests, the We

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