On 03.09.2020 the Psychologist and Adult Educator of IASIS NGO Chara Spyropoulou implemented the training of Counselors of IASIS, utilizing the educational guide developed within the European CareER Project (Empowering informal caregivers), in which our organization collaborating with a big European consortium from Corsica (IRIPS), France (ITG), Poland (Jagiellonian University of Krakow), Belgium (CIEP), Italy (CENTRO), and Romania

The topics on which they got trained are:

– Counselling support for informal caregivers (needs analysis)

– Training in relation to the provision of first aid (emergency preparedness)

– Training on empowering skills related to approaching beneficiaries, proper communication between the caregivers and the induvial they are taking care of, empathy and effective understanding, etc.

For more information regarding the project you can visit its website: https://career.formatech.biz/?lang=en#