The group of volunteers of the Port of Call program of IASIS NGO describes its eighth week in the IASIS family!

🔵 Last week we had to acknowledge, that our stay and the project is coming to an end. The goal was to finish the project in a way, which will leave good memories for everyone.

🔵 The week was a little different than the previous ones, because plenty of people had days off from Monday to Thursday. Even despite this fact, many of us were motivated to go to Fabric Republic or Intervention. On Thursday, we got to know that some of us might have been in contact with COVID positive people. This created a confused and ambiguous atmosphere, and aroused worries about possible consequences. In the meantime, we talked about the situation, did the necessary measures, and handled the problem more or less clear headed. From Friday on, we started the official closure with Anna, and had the mentors online. We shared our feelings and experiences about the past weeks. We had the place to reflect and share our expectations for the last days of being together.

🔵 The challenges and problems were present from the first moment, but we did everything in our power to acknowledge and solve them. Having spent these two months with these people, I personally think that everyone left with a positive mindset, a happy heart and memories to remember.

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