Project Description

The Municipality of Peristeri, the Non-profit Civil Society under the name of IASIS NGO and the EDRA NGO, following the initiative of IASIS NGO and the “A for the People” programme, have joined forces for the implementation of the project entitled “ANAKAMPTO”, which concerns the “Housing and Work for the Homeless”, of the Directorate for the Fight against Poverty of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, with the National Institute for Housing and Social Affairs as the Managing Authority. National Institute of Labour and Human Resources (E.I.E.A.D.).

The programme aims at the immediate transition of 42 individuals/families/25 households that hosted in Social Hostels Short Term Hostels or Sleeping Hostels or have been registered by the social service of the Municipality as homeless living on the street or in unsuitable accommodation (caravans, cars, improvised structures, shacks, shanties, containers, buildings unfit for habitation according to the legislation) and may immediately reintegrated, in autonomous forms of living.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

  1. The immediate transition to autonomous forms of living through the provision of housing services (covering 1. Provision of housing services (covering rental costs, building costs and functional needs) and social care,
  2. Mobilisation for reintegration into the social fabric through the provision of counselling services Reintegration into the social fabric through counselling and job reintegration,
  3. The inclusion of 20% of all beneficiaries in the labour reintegration pillar,
  4. The development of synergies with relevant Social Services of the Municipality of Peristeri and other social services Development of cooperation with other public bodies,
  5. The duration of the programme for all beneficiaries of the project is for a period of up to eighteen months.

Social reintegration of the beneficiaries

Aiming at the successful Labour and Social Reintegration of the target group, the Beneficiary and the Project Managers will offer the following services to the beneficiaries in order to empower them and support them both in the field of job search and in the social environment:

  • Psycho-social support services (individual and group)
  • Legal counselling (individual, personal and individual)
  • Administrative support services (individual, personal and individual)
  • Legal assistance and counselling (administrative and legal) Legal assistance
  • Employment counselling – Training
  • Employment counselling and reintegration into the labour market
    • Cooperation with the local Employment Promotion Centres of the OAED for the provision of counselling services
    • Information on rights and obligations at work,
    • Information on the possibilities of finding legal employment and following education/training programmes,
    • Search for a job that meets the needs of each beneficiary,
    • Assisting beneficiaries to access the labour market (e.g. drafting a CV, providing advice on accounting, tax, legal issues, etc.),
    • Specific individual and group counselling in preparation for labour market integration.
    • Informing the local community and seeking cooperation with employers
    • Support and mediation between employee and employer
  • Monitoring and support
    • Monitoring and updating the Social Reintegration Plan of the beneficiaries
    • Evaluation of the progress of the social reintegration of the beneficiaries
    • Establishment of a follow-up and support plan for the beneficiaries after the end of the project