Project Description

The European Erasmus+ KA2 Project “CareER” (CareEr: Empowering informal carers) with Project Number 2018-1-FR01-KA204-048210, aims to empower non-formal caregivers through a comprehensive training-educational guide, which were created in the 2 years of implementation of the project. The main priority is to strengthen and train the target group in order to improve the quality of informal care services provided.

The project is based on a deeper common need that was raised among the European countries that have been involved in the CareER consortium. Throughout Europe, informal carers cover 80% of long-term care. Family members are the largest care providers for older, frail, disabled and chronically ill people of all ages.  However, caring for a loved one often comes with a considerable personal cost to family carers, including many financial, professional, health and social consequences.

Most of informal carers are at risk of social exclusion and there is a need to help them to move from social isolation to active participation.

Through the tailored training, the project intends to support the carers in highlighting their profile and role both for themselves, and for the rest of the society.

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