From Saturday 10/10 until Sunday 11/10, IASIS NGO conducted a team bonding event with all the members of its ESC volunteer program and their coordinators.


The program involved activities that brought the team members together and strengthened their bond with their mentors and facilitator. Specifically, the activities involved the participation in a paintball match, various teambuilding experiential activities, intercultural evening food tryout, embodiment group bonding and an evaluation in the final day.


From a trainer’s perspective, it was clear that the team of ESC has already developed a strong bond and was able to embark on each activity without any difficulty. They functioned as a working group and supported each other during the learning process. During the evaluation of the activity, they all shared their experiences regarding the project so far, and they had a common. Positive outlook from their experience in Greece and in IASIS.


We will make sure to schedule more team bonding activities shortly, as this weekend was a proven success at making volunteers and mentors come closer to each other and communicate their needs.