It is our great pleasure that today, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, an Online Seminar with The British Embassy and Consular Network of Greece and Cyprus was successfully completed, focused on the major issue of domestic violence.


Following the request of the Consular Network, IASIS NGO and Psychologists-Adult Educators Hara Spyropoulou and Marianna Anagnostopoulou designed, organized and carried out a Webinar for 14 members of the Consul’s staff, based on the social phenomenon of domestic violence, which plagues modern societies, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, where there has been an increase in incidents during the quarantine.


During our Online Discussion, we talked extensively about domestic violence, including some key characteristics of the phenomenon, its different categories, as well as the consequences and early signs of this form of violence.


In addition, while remaining firm in the main reason of the Consular Network’s educational request, we discussed in detail the process of early intervention and support for victims of domestic violence by professionals, where it was deemed necessary to actively listen, to evaluate the situation without criticising, while also to act effectively, in order to provide assistance.


In addition, there has been an extensive exchange of views regarding the prevention of domestic violence and the ways in which individuals, as well as organizations and services, can raise public awareness about the social this issue.


Throughout the training, the professionals of the British Consular Network actively participated in the whole discussion process, which proved to be extremely beneficial for all of us, as different views and ideas on how to approach incidents of violence within a family were heard. Also, an important pillar of assistance in conducting the active dialogue were the Case Studies based on real incidents of domestic violence, which were given to the participants, in order to analyse them and share their thoughts with the group, focused always on the issues that they presented. The use of Online Tools also benefited the active participation and interaction of the Adult Educators with the participants.

We feel, therefore, the need to warmly thank the British Consular Network of Greece and Cyprus for the trust they have shown in IASIS NGO, regarding the provision of Psycho-educational services, aimed to support and strengthen the skills of the staff of the institution. We hope for further cooperation in the future!


A brief description of the British Consular Network in Greece and Cyprus:

 The British Embassy and Consular Network in Greece provide services to British Nationals living in and visiting Greece. Their main priority is to provide assistance to those British nationals that need to be helped the most. The level and type of assistance the institution offers is tailored to the individual circumstances of each case. The Network’s staff will make an assessment of the individual’s vulnerability and will aim to offer assistance which helps meet their needs, such as:


  • Provide advice and help in cases of rape and sexual or physical assault, are a victim of other crimes, are ill or in hospital.
  • Provide timely, accurate, local information so that British nationals can effectively help themselves. This might include details of local lawyers, interpreters, doctors or funeral directors.
  • Issue emergency travel documents.
  • Provide information about transferring money through commercial providers
  • Provide details of other organisations that may be able to provide specialist support.
  • Contact family or friends on behalf of a person in need.


In addition, the Consular Network works alongside local authorities, the travel industry, insurance companies and others to provide rapid and effective support in the aftermath of major incidents affecting a large number of British nationals.


Read here Her Majesty’s Consul in Greece and Cyprus’ letter of appreciation 👉 letterhead