Project Description

Peer to Peer project is an Erasmus+ programme and has been the product of the cooperation between four countries (Turkey, Greece, Romania, Slovenia) and, therefore, four organizations. The main aim of the programme is to provide educational material mainly to women, who have the role of the caregiver for a family member with a physical or mental disability. The ultimate goal of this material is to empower these women, as well as the professionals who work with them. On the official website of the programme, you can find:

👉a handy and brief Booklet, which was created during the program and which contains personal experiences from women from the partner countries, as well as helpful tips.

👉a Handbook, containing the entire training package for the target group, as well as the basic training techniques they can use at home.

👉a Research Report, conducted in Greece, Turkey, Romania and Slovenia, concerned with the needs of people helping and taking care of people with physical or mental disabilities.