IASIS NGO, in cooperation with NOSTOS NGO, since December 2011 is functioning a shelter for asylum seekers, with a capacity of 70 people. The Shelter is under the project ‘Accommodation and Support for Refugees’ with the financing of the European Refugee Fund 2011 and the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare.

At the moment, there are 70 people (20 families) living in the Shelter, 34 of which are children. Apart from the daily nutrition and housing inside the Shelter, there is a psychosocial service, which faces individually the psychosocial issues of the beneficiaries, promotes their psycho-education, and organizes actions that prepare them for a smooth integration into the Greek reality and also enhances their personal possibilities, either they are adults, or children.

Even more actions are supported from the network of Volunteers from both organizations. The employment of mediators, and not just interpreters, is provided, as well as the provision of legal information and support. The Shelter also tries to raise the awareness of the community in minority issues, acting through targeted interventions in schools or parish, in order to fight the stereotypes for this particular target group.

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