The Day Center IASIS operates since 2008 and is situated in the center of Athens. It is an open structure providing services to adults who face mental health problems and live out of asylum either in housing facilities such as boarding houses and shelter houses or with their families. Moreover special seminars and training programs are implemented in an attempt to inform and increase the awareness of the local society. The overall aim of the Center is to act both on the level of psychosocial rehabilitation through different therapeutical programs as well as on the level of prevention and raising awareness to the community concerning Mental Health.

A weekly programme in the Day Center contains the following actions:

  • Creative activities for the beneficiaries such as: Physiotherapy, gymnastics, Dramatherapy, work-therapy, folk dance lessons, individual or group sessions outdoor activities, (visits in the museums, archaeological monuments, etc), reading book, learning computers and medical issues, theater group, music group, organizing events and celebrations
  • Promotion and motivation of the beneficiaries towards employment, and work re-integration
  • Weekly visits by psychiatrist
  • Daily programs of individual psychotherapy from a well experienced staff
  • Cooperation between the social worker and the Interdisciplinary Group of the Day Center, for each individual beneficiary, in order to serve their needs in the most efficient way
  • Organization and implementation of events, and public speeches, which aim at raising awareness to the community and promote mental health

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.