VET for Migration (2017-1-EL01-KA102-035296) project aims in identifying, adapting, implementing and evaluating innovative methodologies and tools for supporting young immigrants / refugees used in the educational and living environment of the two hosting organizations, CJD (Cologne, Germany) and Framtidståget (Stockholm, Sweden). The two staff mobilities of IASIS took place in the above mentioned organizations.

In particular, goals of VEM project are:

– Establish innovative networking between NGOs and VET Centers with the community, and new methodologies to raise social awareness about immigration / refugee issue.

– Networking with European institutions that are active in the field of immigration / refugee

– Enhancing cooperation with the Greek communities in Europe (from the meeting with the Greek Community)

– Sharing innovative training methodologies

– Finding technical/practical knowledge about the organization of professional workshops for the particular target group

– Exploring approaches for reception and identifying needs of refugees / migrants

– Counseling observation and utilization of Individual Action Plans of the target group

– Exploring the methodology of designing training programs for refugees / migrants and in general, of people with different cultural backgrounds

– Monitoring the legal issues of refugees / immigrants, the legal aspect of counseling and its applications

– Effective ways of integrating the gender dimension into the refugee / immigration issue

– Dissemination of project’s and relevant good practices for NGOs in the field

– Strengthening the relationship between NGO’s and searching for new long-term perspectives and results

– Enhance IASIS staff and strengthen their scientific potential, while, at the same time, preventing the burnout syndrome

The program is implemented in the framework of Basic Action 1, Mobility of Trainers and Personnel, Vocational Education and Training, Erasmus +