Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF)


The SSF project aims to the education / training of trainers / consultants of IASIS NGO in terms of innovative training methods and counseling refugees – immigrants in order to serve the needs of the beneficiaries and to increase the quality of the provided services.

The main objectives of SSF project are relate to:

  • Finding innovative methods of networking NGO community, methodologies in order to raise awareness of immigrant / refugee issues
  • Learning new ways of attracting beneficiaries – the ‘building’ of service step by step
  • Exploring the host tools and recording the needs of refugees / migrants
  • Upgrading of the personnel’s knowledge potential
  • Exploring the training program design methodology for refugees / immigrants and, generally, people with different cultural backgrounds
  • Monitoring of addressing legal issues of refugees / migrants, the legal aspects of counseling and its applications
  • Effective ways to integrate the gender perspective in refugee / immigrant movement
  • The diffusion of projects and related good practices visibility of NGOs
  • Networking with stakeholders in the European area, who are working in the field of immigration / refugee
  • The consolidation of the relationship between the two organizations and the transformation of some new proposals and products
  • Dissemination of our work at national and European level
  • Prevention and treatment of burnout syndrome

The project is a staff mobility which is implemented under the key action Mobility of Learners of Erasmus+ programme.

In the project cooperate organizations from Spain and Greece.

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF)