Place and Train

The Place and Train project was a European project, and more specifically a GRUNDVICH MULTILATERAL PROJECT, which was funded by the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). In this project there were participating organizations from the United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Lithuania and Greece.

In the project’s framework, a workbook was created. This workbook aimed at providing mental health professionals with tools, methods and good practices concerning the placement of their beneficiaries to the labor market, their support before and during their employment, and the development and improvement of their personal and non vocational skills.

This project was based on the model of «Individual Placement and Support» (IPS). According to the IPS model, the placement in the labour market precedes, and the training / coaching in the specific area of employment follows, as well as the support of the individual in the work environment. The innovation of this model lies in the fact that it focuses in the need of training and support the individual after he/she has been placed in the work position, and therefore, the chances that he/she keeps the job are higher.

The Place and Train project will benefit the mental health professionals and their beneficiaries as well. Long term impact will be to enable people with mental health issues to receive high quality services to enable them to work, and to develop non-vocational skills by access to lifelong learning opportunities.

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Place and Train