“Peer to Peer Trainings for mothers with special kids” project is supported by European Commission within Erasmus+ Programme, Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education KA2.

“Peer to Peer Trainings” is a project coordinated by Engeli Olan Bireyler ve Aileleri Gelişim Merkezi Derneği from Turkey, together with 3 partners: IASIS organisation from Greece, Zavad ODTIZ from Slovenia and Adapto Association from Romania.

Project’s aim:
– To raise the capacity of women, who have a family member/child with physical and/or mental disability;
– To increase the awareness about Disability rights declared by the UN and signed by all EU countries and Turkey;
– To educate/train the target group about Technology usage in order to benefit from Public services;
– To raise the capacity of NGO’s which are working directly with people with disabilities and their families about Adult Education Techniques and Methodologies;
– To support the target group about the importance of education inside the family. Develop their methods, and their need support in this process.

The project is implemented in Mersin – Turkey, Constanta – Romania, Athens – Greece and Ljubljana – Slovenia.

The full training manual”Peer to Peer Education for Mothers with Special Children” can be downloaded at the following link: Peer2Peer training manual