The LIGHTHOUSE project supports lifelong learning and career paths for migrants in order to improve their skills and employability. The project is a strategic partnership for adult education which is implemented under the key action Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices of Erasmus+ programme. In the project cooperate organizations from Spain, Austria, France, Norway, Greece and Cyprus.

The LIGHTHOUSE is structured as an interactive open space created to offer tailored counselling and career guidance for migrants. The LIGHTOUSE is designed in four counselling zones:

a) RECOGNITION zone is the welcome hall of the house and offers a personalized service for registration, initial interview and application of tailored tools for the recognition of prior learning;

b) TRAINING zone is linked with lifelong learning programs and offers a comprehensive guidance through different learning solutions for skills development, inside and outside the organization;

c) EMPLOYMENT zone offers vocational assessment and career guidance, including the development of the Europass and simulation of job interview;

d) MOBILITY zone is about second mobility, internal and/or externally, as a path for work and/or learning.

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