Work-Life Balance in Women Employees


The basic aim of the project is:

To examine various factors related to work-life balance in women employees and suggest a model that could explain work-life balance phenomenon in Greek reality and suggesting a number of potential risk and protective factors.


  • To offer an in-depth description of the situation as regards work-life phenomenon in female population in Greece, especially under the pressure of the financial crisis.
  • To examine and suggest the main risk factors for the lack of work-life balance in Greek women, as well as potential protective factors.
  • To examine and describe potential negative consequences of work-life conflict in occupational and personal life.
  • To suggest and test a methodology which can be followed in future studies.
  • To test a training curriculum and how effective could be to improve work-life balance among women employees.
  • To provide stakeholders with some recommendations for policy reform and plans.
  • To increase job satisfaction, quality of life and the balance between work and life.

Target group: Women employee from different employment categories and sectors. The sample is representative in terms of the sector of employment, different occupations, different positions in hierarchy, as well as various socio-demographic variables (age, educational level, socio-economic level, etc).


  • An extensive literature review will be carried out in order to have an in depth knowledge of the theoretical background and the results of previous studies.
  • Focus groups and Interviews with project’s target group (Women employees from Attica)
    Assessment of women needs, protective and risk factors regarding work-life balance via structured Questionnaires.
  • Research Intervention aiming at the development of soft skills which seem to relate to work-life balance, such as time management, networking, planning, creativity, etc.
  • Follow up measurement. Of Research Intervention.
  • Dissemination & Sustainability activities such as Roundtables, Final Conference etc

Project’s Impact:

  • Knowledge on the topic of Women’s Work-Life Balance (and various aspects) in Greek reality will be increased.
  • Partners will develop and test a research design and tools which will be in the disposal of researchers for further research of the topic.
  • Educational material/an intervention program for increasing work-life balance will be suggested, and organizations/companies could use it in order to facilitate women employees to achieve work-life balance.
  • Greek women employees who will participate in the project will increase their knowledge about potential risk factors for work-life conflict and potential protective variables that they could focus on.
  • Women employees are going to improve their productivity and the quality of the working outputs, decrease conflicts in work, as well as decrease job absence and leavings
  • Finally, we expect that our research results will support policy reforms regarding employment issues for Greek women at workplace.
Work-Life Balance in Women Employees