Volunteering is a selfless act of offering free time, knowledge and love to your fellow man, with no limitations or for anything in return. On the one hand it is a movement of mutual help, of providing support and hope to your fellow man, and on the other hand it is a source for the volunteer to develop more skills.  The volunteer offers himself and all of his powers, and so, he earns satisfaction and enrichment of his knowledge.

IASIS NGO provides the opportunity of volunteering to all of those that are interested to contribute and at the same time train on the Mental Health sector. The volunteers’ team is coordinated by the Interdisciplinary Therapeutic team of IASIS, whose aim is to train the volunteers on matters of Mental Health, as well as to supervise and evaluate them.

All the members of the group are considered as equals and their duties are defined according to the targets and the needs of the therapeutic program and of each volunteer’s specialty. Through this group, the supervision of the Volunteers is happening, in order to guide them and support them so that their stress from work is reduced, and their feeling of satisfaction from their work is increased.

Should you be interested in joining our volunteers’ team, please send us your request and your CV in the following email address: [email protected]