U Coach


U Coach! is a Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo Da Vinci) of knowledge transfer and innovation, which aims at developing new skills and supporting people with disabilities. In this project there are organizations from Greece, Austria, United Kingdom, Sweden and Portugal.

One in six people in Europe has a disability (physical or mental), which may range from mild to very severe. Among others, these individuals are more likely to face problems of unemployment and poverty. Therefore, the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities it is a priority for European Union and it aims at developing a society that respects human dignity and promotes innovation.

U Coach! program was designed to enhance the autonomy and self-directed learning for disabled people, and hence, to increase their level of functionality and promote “a life without barriers”. This project utilizes innovative methodologies to provide educators, counselors and caregivers of disabled people with the necessary coaching methods. It also focuses on implementation of autonomous learning skills, as a better contribution in adult education.


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U Coach!