IASIS NGO despite the difficult economic conditions that have affected our community – and especially the social vulnerable groups – is still evolving and providing its services to the public. And in clear contrast with the signs of today, IASIS services are improving at all levels and they are broadening towards various directions.

Vital role therein, is played by volunteering and donations of all kinds. Volunteer and sponsorship contribution are two intertwined concepts, which especially in the current time period, have become more necessary than ever.

Therefore, any citizen who has the ability and the will to assist our efforts, should know that through actions such as these, they will greatly help our cause, offering substantially to the general public and especially to the socially vulnerable groups of the population, who we deal with primarily.

The ways in which one can strengthen our actions and cause are:

  • financial support through the sponsorship program that we uphold
  • sponsorships of material goods especially things that are required for daily survival, such as food, clothing and footwear, detergents, stationery, furniture and household appliances

For every sponsorship, we provide the legal receipt-confirmation of the sponsorship, so that it can be used for any reason (such as income tax deduction). In cases of a company, it is of vital importance for us to be included in the Corporate Social Responsibility Program which is likely implemented.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.



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