The SILO project supports improved learning opportunities for hard to reach groups through the use of participatory arts. The project is a strategic partnership for adult education which is implemented under the key action Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices of Erasmus+ programme. In the project cooperate organizations from United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria.

The aim of SILO project is to address issues of adult social exclusion expounded by lack of basic competencies and lifelong learning opportunities. The objective is to provide pedagogy for engaging and supporting socially excluded adults to achieve validated competencies via participatory arts projects.

The project directly targets practitioners who run arts-based educational programmes for socially excluded adults in non-formal learning environments. By social exclusion we mean a range of disadvantage affecting individuals:

  • …who are unable to fully participate in society due to poverty, shortage of basic competencies, learning opportunities or as a result of discrimination which impact on their social and economic status.
  • …whose educational potential requires support as in the case of those with low basic skills, early school leavers, the long-term unemployed, the disabled, migrants, etc.

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