IASIS NGO acts as a carrier of implementing the measure of community service for juvenile offenders. For this purpose, there is collaboration with the Juvenile Probation Office in Athens: a collaboration that has been running since 2010, generating very satisfactory results. The imposed employment and supervision of juvenile delinquents are carried out under the advice of Juvenile court.

The community service aims at the young offenders’ social reintegration. IASIS NGO’s community service is a particularly important area of action, as there is a great experience at issues of rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals at limit of inclusion.

In 2013, a Mobility Program – under the European Lifelong Learning Programme called Leonardo Da Vinci – was held with the participation of six counselors of IASIS NGO and two officers from Juvenile Probation Service. This educational program which was implemented in cooperation with the German Association of Juvenile Courts, aimed at finding specialized tools, methods and techniques for mobilizing young people who have indicated an offending behavior.

At this point it is worth mentioning that IASIS NGO is a member of the Central Council for Juvenile Delinquency Issues which belongs to the Ministry of Interior, but also of the International Youth Justice Monitoring Centre.

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