The M.Yth.WORK project aims to:

1) Equip youth counselors with innovative techniques in order to reach out effectively young people from different cultural backgrounds, such as migrants, refugees or asylum seekers.

2) Provide personalized techniques that will help to reach out the above-mentioned population closer, depending on the characteristics of young people.

3) Promote effective youth work.

4) Promote the concept of working with young immigrants

5) Promote international co-operation between youth organizations.

The program targets directly youth counselors working with young immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers, and the indirect target group is for young people themselves.

The project is consisted by a partnership of six organizations, coming from different European countries. The organizations involved have long experience in non-formal education methodology, in working with young people, and in the organization and implementation of European Programs.

The program is a Strategic Partnership in the Youth field implemented under Key Action 2, Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices of the Erasmus +

 For more information check the website http://www.reachingoutmyproject/

Download the Newsletter #01 of the project

Download the Newsletter #02 of the project

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