“Hands-on approaches to support learners with special educational needs to complete VET cycles and transit into the labour market” is a new innovative project that aims to increase work placement opportunities and social inclusion for SEN learners placing particular emphasis on VET and Work-Based Learning (WBL) as fundamental elements able to create “real life” work environments to help SEN learners acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies which are essential in working life.

In short:

  • boost EU VET systems inclusiveness providing new approaches and tools to improve their VET and WBL practices in order to increase work placement opportunities and social inclusion for SEN learners;
  • develop a set of tangible products to empower managers, educators, and employers in the process of supporting SEN learners to complete VET cycles and successfully transit into the labour market;
  • mobilizing a multi-disciplinary board of experts to participate in developments and provide legitimacy to the Handson model;


The project is implemented by a consortium of experienced organizations from United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden aiming to develop an inclusive production-based learning model and ICT-based innovative didactic resources to help VET managers and educators in their daily challenge to design learning activities and implement innovative and tailored solutions targeting SEN learners in cooperation with companies and employers to meet the labour market requirements.

The project is funded by the European Commission, in the framework of Erasmus+ programme and runs for 24 months (October 2018 – September 2020).

For more details visit us on Facebook: HandsonProject