FATI aims to produce educational material and resources targeting migrants and refugeesresiding in EU countries.
The consortium will deliver a set of tutorials on topics pertaining to non formal education, suitable for educators and youth practitioners willing to engage with refugees and/or migrants in their work.
Additionally, the project aims to create a network of NGOs operating across Europe in the domain of social inclusion, thus ultimately encouraging the sharing of best practices between these agents.
FATI also aims to establish a library of commodities, hosted on a on-line platform, and allowing individuals from across Europe to engage in the provision of humanitarian aid to refugees, migrants and newcomers.

The FATI consortium is being composed of: The Cypriot NGO ‘C.I.P. Citizens In Power’ (applicant organization/coordinator), with a great experience in coordinating similar projects by using sophisticated ICTs, as a contribution to the modernization of teaching; the greatest public Lithuanian ‘Vilnius University’ -established in1578; The Spanish association, CEPS which has been working on socio-cultural projects since 1994, whilst it is currently employing 230 people; the Greek NGO ‘IASIS’ with its distinguished pool of psychologists and; the French NGO ‘Digijeunes’ which specializes on digital mediation.

For more information please visit the projects’ website: www.projectfati.com