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European Projects

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Place and Train

Place and Train

The Place and Train project was a European project, and more specifically a GRUNDVICH MULTILATERAL PROJECT, which was funded by the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). In this project there were participating organizations from the United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Lithuania and Greece.

In the project’s framework, a workbook was created. This workbook aimed at providing mental health professionals with tools, methods and good practices concerning the placement of their beneficiaries to the labor market, their support before and during their employment, and the development and improvement of their personal and non vocational skills.

This project was based on the model of «Individual Placement and Support» (IPS). According to the IPS model, the placement in the labour market precedes, and the training / coaching in the specific area of employment follows, as well as the support of the individual in the work environment. The innovation of this model lies in the fact that it focuses in the need of training and support the individual after he/she has been placed in the work position, and therefore, the chances that he/she keeps the job are higher.

The Place and Train project will benefit the mental health professionals and their beneficiaries as well. Long term impact will be to enable people with mental health issues to receive high quality services to enable them to work, and to develop non-vocational skills by access to lifelong learning opportunities.

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Place and Train

Soft Skills for Migrants in Europe (SOSMIE)


SOSMIE is a Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership programme, which is funded by the State Scholarships Foundation. In this project the collaborating organizations come from France, Italy, Germany and Greece.

This project aims at the development of a guide as well as the development of educational and pedagogical tools that can help migrants into identifying their capabilities and develop their skills (soft skills) aiming at a successful work reinstatement.

This project is based on the development / empowerment of eight basic skills, which are considered to be crucial for the successful adjustment in the work environment. These eight skills have to do with language, communication, self-presentation, team work, solving conflicts, acceptance of criticism, flexibility and understanding of work culture and ethics.

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U Coach!

U Coach


U Coach! is a Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo Da Vinci) of knowledge transfer and innovation, which aims at developing new skills and supporting people with disabilities. In this project there are organizations from Greece, Austria, United Kingdom, Sweden and Portugal.

One in six people in Europe has a disability (physical or mental), which may range from mild to very severe. Among others, these individuals are more likely to face problems of unemployment and poverty. Therefore, the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities it is a priority for European Union and it aims at developing a society that respects human dignity and promotes innovation.

U Coach! program was designed to enhance the autonomy and self-directed learning for disabled people, and hence, to increase their level of functionality and promote “a life without barriers”. This project utilizes innovative methodologies to provide educators, counselors and caregivers of disabled people with the necessary coaching methods. It also focuses on implementation of autonomous learning skills, as a better contribution in adult education.

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U Coach!

Art Expression-Fight Depression (ART-X)

Art Expression-Fight Depression


IASIS NGO, on September 8-15 of 2013, implemented a Youth Exchange, under the umbrella of the Youth in Action programme. Art Expression – fight Depression (Art-X) project took place in Athens, and there were 36 participants from 6 different countries that participated (Greece, Malta, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania and Croatia)

The basic aim of the project was the psycho-education of the participants and sensitization on mental health issues such as depression and negative emotions that accompany it. Moreover, our goal was to teach the participants how to express their feelings in an alternative, non-verbal way. The young people participating, had the chance to express their own thoughts, ideas, concerns and emotions through several artistic activities such as theatre, drawing, painting etc. Through non formal education approaches and methods, the participants learned non-verbal ways in expressing emotions and coping with negative ones. The outcomes of the project did not only affect the participants, but the community as well. In one of the last days of the project, the participants, had been asked to organize a street event at a central spot in the city of Athens. They had the opportunity to raise awareness of the public regarding issues of mental health, by inviting them to express themselves, and their negative feelings through several artistic activities, on the street.

Generally throughout the project, the non-typical / informal way of education and the multicultural diversity. The young people that participated had the opportunity to develop and reinforce their self-esteem, and at the same time to motivate the local community. And last but not least, through their team work they succeeded in feeling like active citizens, and promoting the multicultural cooperation between young people.


Art Expression-Fight Depression official facebook page



coEVOLUTION – Social Project for immigrants

IASIS NGO participated as a partner with other seven organization in the project “ coEvolution Social project for immigrants” in the framework of EOX 2004-2009.

The project aimed at the provision of specialized services to immigrants and their families, who have problems with their integration to Greek society and suffer from psychological and psychiatric problems. There were very experienced counselors who worked in this project as well as very useful tools and innovative ideas and practices from past European project that made the difference

IASIS NGO was responsible for the psychological and psychiatric support of the target group during the two year realization of the project.

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European Voluntary Service (EVS)

The programme of European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a great opportunity for volunteer work. Every young person aged 18-30 years old, can work voluntarily in a European country, offering services to some organization for a time period of 2 until 12 months in sectors such as the environment, art & culture, health etc.

IASIS NGO is an accredited organization for either receiving or sending volunteers in the framework of EVS programme, and is currently hosting two volunteers from Europe, and waiting other four to arrive.

Should you need any farther information please visit EVS Database:


European Voluntary Service