Education and Psychosocial Support

Education and Psychosocial Support

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Counselling Service for Women Victims of Violence

«I take a stand, I have voice» Action 3.2.4 Operational Programme Public Administration Reform 2007-2013

IASIS NGO is implementing a counselling service for women victims of violence called “I take a stand, I have a voice”. The counselling service addresses to adult women who deal with violence and they show symptoms of psychopathology. In particular the Counselling Service addresses to:

  • Women who have been abused either when there were dealing with mental health issues or before they showed symptoms of psychopathology (which would be a result of the abuse). The Service addresses to women who are having trouble functioning in everyday life
  • Women being born with intellectual disability or developing the condition later in life

In IASIS’ Day Center called “Passe-partout”, amongst other services, there is the office where the pre-mentioned services are provided. The Counselling Service is open from Monday to Friday 9:00am- 17:00pm.Moreover the beneficiaries have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Pre-vocational education groups of two thematic labs (PC lab and jewelry lab) and
  • Group and individual sessions of vocational orientation

Should you be interested in more information please visit the following website:

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The above mentioned Action refers to “3.2.4 Support of NGO. F.O”, National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013, Operational Programme (OP) “Public Administration Reform”. The payee is the Coordination, Managing and Implementation Authority for co-funded actions of the Ministry of Interior.

Counselling Service for Women Victims of Violence

Work Practice

In all structures of IASIS NGO, students from big Academic institutions and Universities have the possibility to carry out their practical exercise. IASIS NGO offers a variety of structures for practical exercise, such as Boarding houses, Shelters and Day Centers.

IASIS NGO’s scientific personnel has a great experience in the education and training of potential professionals, providing them with the opportunity to connect their theory with practical training. The students play active role in the action of institution and they have a lot of occasions for attendance in European Programs that IASIS NGO implements or participates.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


Volunteering is a selfless act of offering free time, knowledge and love to your fellow man, with no limitations or for anything in return. On the one hand it is a movement of mutual help, of providing support and hope to your fellow man, and on the other hand it is a source for the volunteer to develop more skills.  The volunteer offers himself and all of his powers, and so, he earns satisfaction and enrichment of his knowledge.

IASIS NGO provides the opportunity of volunteering to all of those that are interested to contribute and at the same time train on the Mental Health sector. The volunteers’ team is coordinated by the Interdisciplinary Therapeutic team of IASIS, whose aim is to train the volunteers on matters of Mental Health, as well as to supervise and evaluate them.

All the members of the group are considered as equals and their duties are defined according to the targets and the needs of the therapeutic program and of each volunteer’s specialty. Through this group, the supervision of the Volunteers is happening, in order to guide them and support them so that their stress from work is reduced, and their feeling of satisfaction from their work is increased.

Should you be interested in joining our volunteers’ team, please send us your request and your CV in the following email address: [email protected]

Measure of Community Service

IASIS NGO acts as a carrier of implementing the measure of community service for juvenile offenders. For this purpose, there is collaboration with the Juvenile Probation Office in Athens: a collaboration that has been running since 2010, generating very satisfactory results. The imposed employment and supervision of juvenile delinquents are carried out under the advice of Juvenile court.

The community service aims at the young offenders’ social reintegration. IASIS NGO’s community service is a particularly important area of action, as there is a great experience at issues of rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals at limit of inclusion.

In 2013, a Mobility Program – under the European Lifelong Learning Programme called Leonardo Da Vinci – was held with the participation of six counselors of IASIS NGO and two officers from Juvenile Probation Service. This educational program which was implemented in cooperation with the German Association of Juvenile Courts, aimed at finding specialized tools, methods and techniques for mobilizing young people who have indicated an offending behavior.

At this point it is worth mentioning that IASIS NGO is a member of the Central Council for Juvenile Delinquency Issues which belongs to the Ministry of Interior, but also of the International Youth Justice Monitoring Centre.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Conferences – Speeches

In the framework of informing – raising awareness of the wider community, IASIS NGO – from the very beginning of its operation – has organized and participated in numerous actions, and events.

These actions can be summarized as follows:

  • Organization and implementation of conferences – at least one each year – with the participation of experts and scientists of various specialties
  • Organization and implementation of public speeches on a monthly basis, which deal with mental health issues, as well as social or other issues (e.g. Volunteering, multicultural diversity, violence against women, learning disabilities, etc)

The public speeches, the conferences along with every other kind of event takes place every now and then, are always open to the community and aim – among other things – at informing people on matters concerning mental health, at creating and reinforcing the network with agencies and public or private organizations, and last but not least at fighting the stigma of mental illness.