Career Comeback Support Program for Women (CCBW) project deals with women with at least 5 year absence of their work place that they want to return to their career. More specifically, the project:

(i) Will be specialized for woman returnees who requires a contemporary skill set to return to work either as an employee or an entrepreneur,

(ii) Will provide a specific curriculum to meet the various needs of woman returnees from different cultures will be provided,

(iii) The tools offered in the project will constitute a wide arsenal to help woman returnees.

(iv) Will offer a platform for women with similar interests, business ideas, locations etc. where they can collaborate with each other,

(v) It is expected to have a network effect where more women will be involved in this system due to number of members and potential business outcomes.

(vi) Will provide a portal that covers all those resources and tools will be presented,

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The program is a Strategic Partnership in the Vocational Education and Training field implemented under Key Action 2, Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices of the Erasmus +.


CCSP Need Analysis Report