A large part of European countries is experiencing or will experience migration related to labour needs, but also to population displacement. Migration crisis in Europe started in 2010 and saw further growth in 2015, which that year went up to more than one million migrants in Europe (source: International Organization for Migrants). Meanwhile, we can only acknowledge the relative failure of integration of migrant populations: host countries face difficulties in welcoming and integrating these new citizens.

Migrants face an unemployment rate sometimes exceeding 30% and perform tasks that local people did not want to take over (3D rule: dirty, difficult and degrading jobs). Those same people, although aware of a labor deficit, will not foster migrant recruitment by companies.

Based on these findings, the consortium of project “Promoting active inclusion in Europe” (“Be in Europe”) composed of 6 partners from 6 countries, aims to accompany migration dynamics while developing and promoting alternative learning device for migrant integration within society and labor market of the host countries. The goal is to participate in building a transcultural and tolerant Europe that creates wealth for all and by all.

The project is designed for, on the one hand, migrants and supporting organizations promoting their social and cultural integration and, on the other hand, companies and organizations involved in professional integration.


The project “Be in Europe” aims to work on the development and implementation of learning devices aimed at:

  • improving psychosocial skills for migrants (problem solving; to make decisions; to communicate effectively; to manage stress, emotions …);
  • Mediation and intercultural competences for companies, particularly in the areas of services to individuals, services to companies, construction & public works, trade and agriculture;
  • Support for creation of activity/ entrepreneurship support for the exchange of good practices, mentoring activities and a case study about “clichés”;
  • The establishment of conditions for sustainability of the devices by closely associating direct beneficiaries all along the project and by using the collaborative platform “Be in Europe”. This platform will have a double function: it will host all project outputs and ease networking amongst the different actors, and will be the technical basement for all activities to be developed.


Each key step of the project is shared on our Facebook page “Be in Europe”. Furthermore, the project results are available online in the project website: www.beineurope.eu