Art Expression-Fight Depression (ART-X)

Youth in Action programme

Action 1.1 Youth Exchange


IASIS NGO, on September 8-15 of 2013, implemented a Youth Exchange, under the umbrella of the Youth in Action programme. Art Expression – fight Depression (Art-X) project took place in Athens, and there were 36 participants from 6 different countries that participated (Greece, Malta, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania and Croatia)

The basic aim of the project was the psycho-education of the participants and sensitization on mental health issues such as depression and negative emotions that accompany it. Moreover, our goal was to teach the participants how to express their feelings in an alternative, non-verbal way. The young people participating, had the chance to express their own thoughts, ideas, concerns and emotions through several artistic activities such as theatre, drawing, painting etc. Through non formal education approaches and methods, the participants learned non-verbal ways in expressing emotions and coping with negative ones. The outcomes of the project did not only affect the participants, but the community as well. In one of the last days of the project, the participants, had been asked to organize a street event at a central spot in the city of Athens. They had the opportunity to raise awareness of the public regarding issues of mental health, by inviting them to express themselves, and their negative feelings through several artistic activities, on the street.

Generally throughout the project, the non-typical / informal way of education and the multicultural diversity. The young people that participated had the opportunity to develop and reinforce their self-esteem, and at the same time to motivate the local community. And last but not least, through their team work they succeeded in feeling like active citizens, and promoting the multicultural cooperation between young people.


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